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Off beat, off grid, serene yet thrilling kayaking experience in the untouched Sal Backwaters

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About Aqua Trails Goa

We are an Eco Tour Agency which carries out Kayaking in the hidden, untouched, pristine backwaters of South Goa.

The Sal Backwaters is an ecosystem of its own, home to Birds of paradise both migratory and residents, fishes ranging from small to large sizes, water dwelling mammals, reptiles, mangroves, lotuses and many more. 

We at Aqua Trails let you experience the flora and fauna that the Sal backwaters have to offer up close and at the same time practice eco-friendly activities to maintain the sanctity of this diverse ecosystem.

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Sal Backwaters Kayaking in Nuvem

120 mins

Perfect for beginners, this trail starts from about 5km away from the source of the pristine river Sal, where we kayak for about 1.5km towards the source and return back to our start point.

Sal Backwaters Kayaking in Varca

120 mins

This trail starts from about 10km away from the end of the River sal which opens into the sea in Betul. Since it's in close proximity to the sea there is current in these waters which changes according to high tide or low tide making it slightly more challenging than the Sal Backwaters in Nuvem.

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Why you should try kayaking at least once?

Why you should try kayaking at least once?


I never had done kayaking before but chaitan made me sit in the double kayak and made me feel safe and comfortable..... a truly wonderful experience.
Rajesh Kakodkar
This was a very refreshing evening with Aqua Trails Goa. I would highly recommend, I was new to kayaking and I’m terrified of water but Chaitan was an excellent host and was very supportive through out my experience. ❤️ Definitely a five star experience!!
Wynzell Rebello
A great experience if you're looking for something non commercial, intimate and peaceful. Chaitan take very small batches. The locations are serene and off beat. Definitely should be on your to do list in Goa.
Kathleen Fernandes

Experience the flora and fauna of Sal backwater

It's not only a treat for the eyes but also but peace for the mind.

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